David and Darlene Housefield


David and Darlene were “high school sweethearts” and married in Tampa in 1975.  David was raised in the Baptist church and Darlene was raised in a strict Catholic family.  Their faith and actual understanding of spiritual matters really began as a couple.  As members of a small group of couples that met every Tuesday for the first 15 years of marriage, they learned the value and power of living life in community.

They have four lovely children, Matthew, Coleman (wife Abby), Autumn (husband Jordan) and Michael.  They have been blessed (so far) with three incredible grandchildren that are the crowning glory of a 42 year marriage that has seen the amazing hand of God in the very best of times and the worst.

Their journey and story is full of the miraculous related to David’s many successes (and more than a few failures) in the business arena over 42 years…….and Darlene homeschooling four children all the way through high school, while praying through health issues with each pregnancy.  Life’s challenges were a constant reminder of their dependence on a Heavenly Father that was intimately involved in every area of their lives.
Darlene and David had the privilege of serving as Youth Pastors for nine years which was one of the defining moments in their life and relationship.  It opened their eyes and hearts to the rewarding life of serving others and ultimately led to their current role in their church working with couples preparing for marriage.

They were both introduced to the “I Am” Process with Bill Morris on an individual basis for the self identity coaching.  Realizing the power and value of the material, they began using many elements of “I Am” with their couples class and started meeting with Bill as a couple to develop a strategy and method for offering “I Am” coaching to couples.
Their experiences in life and working with so many couples over many years, have uniquely prepared them for this moment in time.  They have concluded that couples must first have a good understanding of their self identity, before they can successfully navigate their family identity as a couple.

Currently, David is the Farm Director for Abby’s Organic Community Farm and Darlene is the CS Manager/Personnel Director for Abby’s Health and Nutrition.  The journey to and with Abby’s is yet another one of God’s little miracles.

They are so excited to be a part of the “I Am” story and introduce the life-changing material to couples that are looking for the most out of their lives and relationships.