The program was nothing short of life changing; from personal to business it impacted every aspect of our lives. Continue reading

Jon Vickery

VC Systems & Controls - President

“I AM” helped me to formulate and articulate to myself and others the foundational truths about Who I Am and What I Believe. Continue reading

Sean Carney

Specialized Property Services - CEO

As a participant in the I Am! Personal Choice Planning program I found that it helped me to think about and understand what I most want out of life. Continue reading

BJ Harris

Harris Insurance Group - President

My direction and focus in life is now more crystal clear than ever before and all who know me are amazed at the changes. I am positive, self controlled, accountable, balanced and legacy focused. Continue reading

Mick Hall

Grace Family Church Sound & Lighting Tech Coordinator

We are a close office, but I was surprised at how open everyone was with their answers to questions and the comments that they shared. This experience pulled us together even more and made all of us better understand how we can interact as an office for each other and our clients. Continue reading

Joshua T. Keleske

Attorney & Counselor at Law

The best part about this program: it squarely places the results on your personal choices to “BELIEVE” and “ACT" putting the power of growth and improvement right in your grasp. Continue reading

Craig Brooks

Centerpointe Community Church - Executive Pastor

I feel empowered by the lessons learned, and I have described it when asked that this program made something just “click” for me. Continue reading

Rose Rodriguez

Wife and Mother

I strongly recommend it to parents!!! It helps, especially when you are raising strong willed and independent children! Continue reading

Dina Hoppe

Wife and mother of two

I now am very aware of the choices I make in all areas of my life. Continue reading

Dan Fife

Husband, Father, Grandfather and Life Group Ministry Leader