We went through this program as an office experience, which we sponsored for our staff.  I chose to do so for two reasons:  (1) for teambuilding/creating unity, and (2) to help each member of the office grow personally and professionally.  I found that I AM was particular helpful to create unity.  We are a close office, but I was surprised at how open everyone was with their answers to questions and the comments that they shared.  This experience pulled us together even more and made all of us better understand how we can interact as an office for each other and our clients. On a personal level, I have always known that I was given free will and that my choices were mine to make.  I AM reinforced this understanding and perhaps brought it to the forefront.  As a part of our goal setting, I committed to several things, one of which including attending Mass at least three days a week.  I do so at least that often and believe that this “little” goal has made a complete change in my life.  I AM reminded me of the importance of establishing written goals and developing the plan to achieve those goals.

Joshua T. Keleske

Attorney & Counselor at Law