Not only has my life been profoundly and forever changed by "I Am" Identity and Positive Choice Workbook, but the impact that these changes have had upon my wife, my family and business associates has been just as dramatic. Understanding the impact and power of my choices has helped me to put a sharper point on what had always been a less focused and dulled direction in life. The "I Am" Identity and Positive Choice Workbook has helped me to realize on a very foundational level, who I am and how others perceive me. It also helped me to better understand and communicate with other people in a new and positive way. My direction and focus in life is now more crystal clear than ever before and all who know me are amazed at the changes. I am positive, self controlled, accountable, balanced and legacy focused. Anyone searching for clarity of purpose and a more positive and meaningful life will reap amazing benefits from this program. However, I can say that the truths revealed in "I Am" Identity and Positive Choice program will be beneficial and relevant to everyone.

Mick Hall

Grace Family Church Sound & Lighting Tech Coordinator