Through the “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook, I have a better understanding of who I really am and how often I am on stage even with myself. I really have thought about my legacy and what I stand for. “I AM” helped me to formulate and articulate to myself and others the foundational truths about Who I Am and What I Believe. I also discovered several false perceptions I thought were beliefs, and this program forced me to analyze and confront many of my perceptions and thought processes with amazing results. I have not even begun to scratch the surface on this. I now question and analyze many of my actions and habits to understand if they fit with who I really am or if they are habits formed by years of being on stage. The negative triggers help me to identify things that cause me to stray from my correct path, and with this awareness I am making better choices. One example of a successful lifestyle change is that my weight was 281.6 lbs. on 2/20/2012, and on 4/7/2012 my weight was down to 248.6 lbs.  Much of this success is from knowing who I am and my legacy… I have to be healthy and feel good to become who I truly am.

Sean Carney

Specialized Property Services - CEO