I AM! Identity and Positive Choice Program

At WOW Consulting as Identity Coaches we use a tool called the “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook. Terms like choice, personal planning, coaching, and identity, may sound familiar, but you have probably not heard or seen them put together in such a way as this. The “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook is designed to impact and transform your life at a foundational level.

Using the “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook, we will go on a journey to discover your personal identity or “who you are” at your most foundational level. We will explore your personal belief system (i.e. what you truly believe) on an internal basis. This process will also include identifying your basic personality profile with your strengths and weaknesses and how to capitalize on both. As we establish your personal foundation we will target what you most want to accomplish and achieve in your life.  With your foundation in place you can begin to design and build your personal life plan.

Throughout this journey, as we discover the life path that leads to ultimate fulfillment, we will touch on key fundamental principles such as:

  • Choice
  • Focus
  • Empowerment
  • Balance
  • Gratitude
  • Decision-making
  • Accountability

We invite the “strongest of the strong” to join us on this journey.  Our definition of the “strongest of the strong” is those individuals or groups that who possess the desire, passion, and determination to lead a fulfilled lifestyle that is full of success, happiness, peace, and purpose. If this is “who you are” we invite you to take the next step and join us on the journey of a lifetime with the “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Program. Unleash the power of positive choice today!