Identity Coaching

Why is life so difficult to understand and success so elusive?

  • Have you ever tried a diet & excercise program only to give it up after a period of time?
  • Did you know that over $40 billion are spent annually on the diet, health, and exercise industry in the United States?
  • Have you ever read a self help book that made sense but failed to apply the principals taught to your own life?
  • Did you know that over $10 billion are spent on books, seminars, workshops, and videos teaching us how to be successful in the United States each year?
  • Have you ever noticed that many people who attend church regularly seem to havve the same problems continually?

So, if we look at it objectively, even with over $50 billion spent, thousands of self-help books, hundreds of diet & excercise programs, and excellent spiritual teachings, we still see negative attitudes, pessimism, fear, insecurity and failure prevailing in our society today.  Why is this?

Our theory is that most people fail to build a personal foundation of understanding to support success in their!

Solution: One must build a personal foundation for success that is strong enough to overcome life’s many challenges by identifying and understanding:

  1. Who you are at your most foundational level
  2. What you truly believe
  3. What you really desire to acheive
  4. What your strengths and weaknesses are and how to capitalize on both

Only after you have met the challenge of identifying your Life’s Foundational Base (who you really are and what you really believe), can you design a Life Plan that can be excuted on a consistent, rewarding, self-motivating, and long-term basis. We believe through Identity Coaching using the “I Am” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook, you will have the tools to use information on a tangible and proactive level to form new habits, and in turn you can become more successful than you could ever imagine.