Jorge Morejon

Consultant & Identity Coach

My Story: I was spiritually lost, my morale was bankrupt and my family life was in financial chaos!  That was my life from 2007 through the end of 2010.  For those three years everything I had known and understood about my life did not make sense any longer.  Everything in my life became a question with no answer.  This mind set created a depressed, dejected, and desperate father & husband with what seemed to be no hope ahead.  Finally in 2011 I was introduced by my friend and mentor, Bill Morris, to the most life changing concept anyone can ever experience.  The change came through utilizing the “I Am” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook which not only gave me a beacon of hope but also a change in my life that took charge of all that is important while guiding me down the path of the true meaning of existence.  All of this has produced a mind and body that is balanced with a life that is spiritually meaningful.