Michelle Kuskin


My Story:  One day I started to reflect on my life and think about the legacy I would leave behind.  As a mother of 3 teenage girls I thought about would I be able to tell my children about my successes or my excuses?  I basically felt that I was living my life without purpose and often lived in the shadow of fear and insecurities. When I met Bill and was introduced to the “I Am” program it was a game changer.  I learned how I could live my life based on the legacy that I wanted to leave behind and that even though I couldn’t change certain things that happened in my life, that I could change my response to it.  The daily tools helped me fuel my passion, balance my busy life, become more confident and bold and follow the purpose that I know was destined for me. I am extremely passionate about being a coach and helping others discover a life filled with balance and peace and to equip them to realize that life should truly be enjoyed not endured.

Michelle resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and 3 daughters.