The Communique Personality Profile


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An in-depth, seven page report that gives you an analysis of your personality traits, communication style, back-up style, primary motivators, primary de-motivators, secondary likes and dislikes, stress levels (both positive and negative stress), satisfaction and moral level, behavioral characteristics (when leading and following), conflict resolution strategies, decision making style, and energy level (indicates how well you function in high stress environments.

Also included are three pages of supporting information with every personality’s characteristics, motivators and communication styles.

For this purchase you will need to complete the simple one page questionnaire and fax, email or mail to our office. On our website just click on TRAINING, then on the right side – Other Pages –  I AM TOOLS.  Near the bottom of the list is COMMUNIQUE – where your can download and print the questionnaire.

Fax: 813-594-1106
Mail: 6506 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL  33617

Within seven days after payment and questionnaire are received, you will receive your Communique Report in the mail.  If you would like an email version, please make a note on your questionnaire.


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