Steve Graybill

steve shot 3I have spent the last nine years as a hospice chaplain, listening to people as they look back on their lives – reflecting, assessing, and wrestling with the choices they have made, the sum total of their life’s efforts, and the legacy they are leaving behind.  I am always learning from those I have shared such an intimate journey with.

I have also spent most of my own life seeking, discerning and pursuing that sense of calling so many of us long to find and live out, and have become very passionate about coming alongside others as they explore this same question and path.
These two streams in my life came together when I began meeting with Bill Morris and engaging the ‘I Am’ process, and I experienced the powerful impact of my choices lining up with and flowing out of my truest self.  And this is a journey and transformation which I am very excited and honored to walk others through.