Individuals & Couples

We believe that a one-to-one approach to Identity Coaching is the best way for individuals as well as couples to experience the full impact of the “I AM” Personal Choice Planner. Continue reading

Families & Students

We have found “I AM” Personal Choice Planning gives each member of the family the keys to internal self control and self identity. With these tools in place life’s many challenges become so much easier to navigate. Continue reading

Businesses & Organizations

Identity Coaching can transform the individuals in your organization from the bottom to the top by modifying workplace attitudes. Business culture begins to change when people learn to help themselves and in turn help others. Continue reading

Faith-Based Groups

We believe at the most foundational level humans are comprised of a spirit, soul, and body.  Our research and experience has shown in the faith-based environment that when people learn to balance all three parts of our human make-up miracles do happen.  Please contact … Continue reading

Counseling Professionals

Self Identity is at the core of the counseling profession.  The “I AM”Identity and Positive Choice Program has had anecdotal success used as a part of the professional counseling model.  With an emphasis on Identity Coaching, professional counselors have been … Continue reading