Businesses & Organizations

The number one challenge for most businesses and organizations is ultimately communication.  We believe that both employers and employees who first understand themselves will be able to both communicate and deliver personal service at the highest level.  A foundation for personal success must first be achieved before any individual can impact others and their organizations in a positive manner.

Identity Coaching modifies attitudes in the workplace and changes the culture of businesses by helping people help themselves. We teach people:

  • All personality profiles are unique and important
  • All personality profiles have strengths and weaknesses
  • How to capitalize on strengths and neutralize weaknesses
  • That communication styles of people differ, based on personality profiles
  • How to always communicate in the positive realm
  • How to control their world – not allowing the world to control them
  • How to feel good every day in their business and personal lives
  • How to substantially reduce stress
  • How to use the power of positive choice

Identity Coaching can transform the individuals in your organization from the bottom to the top.  Please contact us today to arrange personal or group Identity Coaching sessions with the “I AM” Identity and Positive Choice Workbook.